Pink Water

Okay, the pink thing is in the washer and the water was a pretty shade of pink. I have already changed the water once and it is soaking a second time. The water so far isn’t as pink. I will wiat and see how many times I have to change the water.

I just got back from the post office and there were some nice things sitting in my box. I got 3 new DVDs from Netflix. Discs 1 of both “CSI” and “The L Word” and “The Pillow Book.” I am a CSI addict so this is just fun watching and drooling over George Eads. I am too cheap to give my local cable company aka Adlephia or as I call them the money suckers the money for Showtime. I have seen “The Pillow Book” before but Ewan MacGregor is nice to look at in this one.

The best item in the mail was the new book “Hot Target” from Suzanne Brockmann. She is one of my all time favorite authors. I got have picked up the book Tuesday when it came out at Waldenbooks (where I work part-time) and paid less. But I bought it from Suz and I know have an autographed copy. I am being very good and will wait until tomorrow night to read all about Cosmo. For anyone not familiar with Suz’s books, she started out as a series romance writer and found her niche by writing about SEALs. She has 2 different series – SEAL Team10 and Team 16. Team 10 is the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series out out by Mira and Team 16 is the Troubleshooters series published by Ballentine. I like Navy guys so shoot me! I am a proud Navy brat so yes I am biased. I am actually wearing one of my many Navy sweatshirts right now.

But back to “Hot Target.” One of the subplots in this book is the story of Jules and his lover. Suz has deidcated this book to her son Jason who came out and is lucky to have set of parents who support him. Go check out her website at to read more about her books and her.

I will write another time about another of my favorite authors who is also a local. Well, she lives about 25 miles from me. And I am sure that most everyone has either read one of her books or has at least heard of her. One of my roommates in college was engaged to one of this writer’s nephews, so I have been reading her books for a long time.

Since Rachael has posted a wonderful picture of kitty love, I will post a cute baby photo of my kitty, Mimi. I will tell the story of Mimi at a later date. But she is really my mother’s cat but she has claimed me as “her person.” This is a photo of her being good when she was really tiny. And yes, she is a meezer.

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