Yeah! A Full Sized Clapotis Finished!

I am sitting here weaving in the ends for a full sized Clapotis in pinks. I will take and post a picture over the weekend. I used Artyarns Superwash Merino in color 109 which is pinks and some purple. My only issue with this colorway is that it crocks! I have had to be careful what I am wearing when I am wearing when working on this project since the color rubs off. But it does wash out. So I am curious as to how pink the water will be when I wash it. I started this particular one for me but I don’t really like how the colors pooled. My mother likes it so she will be getting this for Three Kings Day. on January 6. I will definitely be making a full sized one for me but I am thinking of using Cherry Tree silk merino dk. I just have to order the yarn after I decide which colorway.

Rachael H. is a bad influence. She posted that wonderful picture of Manos yesterday and I had to go to my LYS and buy more Manos since I was swayed by the lovely colors. Like I really need more Manos! Go and check out her colors. (If I know how to add the link I would) Hi Rachael!

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