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Yeah! I am in Alison’s sockapalooza tour for winter 2005! This is going to make me actually have to make more socks. And something other than my normal safe ankle length toe-up pattern. Although I just promised my chief that I would be working on the year end paperwork for him this evening, I think I am going to be going through my old Interweave Knits issues. I need to have some sock patterns lined up before the matches are made.

For a look at what color I think fire engines should be check out the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company. Yes, we really do think that all fire trucks should be blue. Red fire trucks are just so common. Actually so long as they can make it to the scene and put out the fire and have some really funky loud sirens, I guess engines that are other colors are okay.

Time to go knit and watch the rest of Tigerland. This is a great movie with plenty of political statements about the Vietnam war that correlate to today’s military actions.

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Waiting for Daylight

The pink Clapotis only took 3 soaks before the water stopped being pink. If the sun ever came out around here, I will take a picture of it.

I am also trying to finish off a hat to send to another blogger. I will wait until she receives the first 2 I have already sent her to be received. So I will be posting a photo of that soon. And a matching scarf that happened by chance.

I picked up Pledged: the Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins on Saturday for something to read. Since I pledged a sorority in college and ended up in a fraternity, I figured that this might be an interesting read. I am almost finished with the book and it is a great insight into female group dynamics. And I will explain how a female can end up in a fraternity in the next week or so.

If my posts are a little sketchy this week, it is because I am trying to finish up year-end paperwork for the fire company. Once dreaded paperwork is done, I will be trying to post at least every other day.


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