Waiting for Daylight

The pink Clapotis only took 3 soaks before the water stopped being pink. If the sun ever came out around here, I will take a picture of it.

I am also trying to finish off a hat to send to another blogger. I will wait until she receives the first 2 I have already sent her to be received. So I will be posting a photo of that soon. And a matching scarf that happened by chance.

I picked up Pledged: the Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins on Saturday for something to read. Since I pledged a sorority in college and ended up in a fraternity, I figured that this might be an interesting read. I am almost finished with the book and it is a great insight into female group dynamics. And I will explain how a female can end up in a fraternity in the next week or so.

If my posts are a little sketchy this week, it is because I am trying to finish up year-end paperwork for the fire company. Once dreaded paperwork is done, I will be trying to post at least every other day.


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2 responses to “Waiting for Daylight

  1. Hi Mia! Glad to see you blogging. You actually did send me a PF label along with the yarn, so I’m covered. Thanks!

  2. You pledged a sorority and ended up in a fraternity? Was it perhaps Phi Mu?–>