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Geography Lessons

This one is especially for Bron…..

Yes the church steeple and such look like classic New England architecture but it is not New England architecture. That church steeple , and the many like it in this area, are pure German. I am south of the Mason-Dixon line. Maryland is a border state and I live in the western section which is the German area. Well, it was settled by the Germans and their presence is still strongly felt here. Although it is not at all unusual these days to hear Spanish spoken in the market and in the malls. We Hispanics are out to reclaim this country that we let the English and others settle.

Yes, I am a proud Cuban-American who was born in Republic of China on the Navy base. I have lived in a number of places courtesy of the US Navy.

For those who are geography impaired, locate Washington, DC, on a map and you will find Maryland right above it. It is a tiny state but a funplace to live when you learn to ignore politics. But it is small enough that you do get to know your state and local politicians on a personal basis. I know that I can go up to the head of the county comissioners and tell him to his face that I think his stand on certain issues make absolutely no sense and that he should on occasion get his head out into the sunshine. I have told a local state politican the same thing. And on the plus side, I have had a personal tour of the off-limits areas of the state governor’s mansion

But enough about politics. It is time to knit.

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