Photos Tomorrow

Okay, the sun is out so that means I can get some decent photos today. I will be posting photos tomorrow. I am currently without a vehicle since the local garage has managed to screw up a minor repair to my truck. I know have to wait until tomorrow night to take my truck back down there so they can figure out what they did that resulted in my defrost not working and my having a nice size anti-freeze puddle in the floor on the passenger side. Actually since I don’t have any knitting pictures handy, I will post a photo of the puddle. I am a female not stupid when it comes to engines!!

Okay if this works out okay, there should be a photo below. I am going to go and finish the second of the wrist warmers that I am currently knitting plus finish up a hat and a scarf and who knows what else since cleaning is definitely in my plans for the rest of the afternoon.

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