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10 Knitterly Things

Since it has quite awhile since I posted on a blog. Several months to be exact, I figure that I can do this meme that Grumperina started on her blog the other day. I will try and come up with 10 things that are knitterly about me but it might be hard.

1. I am strictly a Continental knitter. I can not grasp throwing my yarn.
2. I am most definitely a sock knitter. I knit socks on dpns and 2 circulars.
3. I knit all of my socks using the toe up method. One of these days, I will do a top down sock.
4. I like bright colors. I really like blues, reds, purples, and pinks.
5. I spend a few years knitting lace but I do not have any of the lace items that I knit. They were all given away.
6. I learned to knit at the tender age of 4 when my family was living in Naples.
7. No one else in my family knits. I learned my our land lord’s kids nona (grandmother in Italian.) This might explain why I knit Continental.
8. One of these days, my nephew might finally get the sweater I promised him for Christmas 2 years ago. And yes, the sweater will still fit since I was making the largest size and it would fit my brother.
9. I wind all of my yarn into pancakes on my ball winder. I like to know ahead of time of any knots or problems with the yarn.
10. If I don’t have knitting with me when I go to the truck house, I get questioned as to what is wrong. So I always bring sock knitting when I go to the fire house.

Okay, ten things. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

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Okay, I am back over here on Blogger. This is just a test post. I have had some issues with uploading photos lately so I want to make sure that there will be no problems before posting knitting photos. Look for knitting postings to start in the next few days.

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