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Here are the goodies that I received from Lera in the Knitters’ Tea Swap 2. First off the yarn, enough yarn to make 2 pairs of socks in Knit Picks Parade sock yarn. Green socks and a multi color pair of socks are now in the stash. At the very back is a copy of the Harlot’s latest book Knitting Rules. And to help with the tears that come from crying is a thing of tissue that is designed to fit a cup holder in your car.

There is also a bag of Windmill cookies. Gingerbread flavors! Yummy!!!

There are several teas; all of them from Adagio. There is a large tin of Jun Zhu Mao Jian green tea. There is a large tin of Rooibos Mango. There are two small tins of a black pearl tea and a lichee pearl tea. Pearl teas are always fun to brew because you can watch them open up.

Back on the knitting side there are several sets of needles. Lera sent me size 1, 2.5 and 3 dpns. She also sent me a pair of unusual straight needles. They are called Knitterattions and they are clear plastic and have a ribbon twisted through them. There is also a small wind chime in the shape of a humming bird. And very practical for anyone using dpns, she included a set of tip protectors.

And there was also a small candle that smells like vanilla pound cake. And a bag of chocolate poker chips. I wonder what the guys at the fire hall would have to say about me betting chocolate chips instead of the dimes we normally use….

And last but not least, is what every knitter needs plenty of – a sheepy tape measure!!!!! This one is a little bit different than all of the others that I have seen and he is a little bit bigger. And yes, he is already in a sock bag.

Thank you Lera!!!!

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  1. Wow, your tea pal hooked you up! I’ve never even seen a mango flavored Rooibos before.