Wine & a Sock

Okay, this weekend was busy. I actually had two fire prevention details on Saturday at the same time. Yeah, hard to be in two places at once. But I had someone who volunteered to take one of them. I had the birthday party at the station. And I spent the bulk of the day Sunday in class followed by a few hours of fire prevention and mapping for the fire company. But I still managed to finish a sock!!!!!

As to the wine part, well, I went out Friday evening to pick up a bottle of my favorite wine. And instead of my favorite Australian syrah, I saw this Argentine syrah and I had to get it. Check the label out!!! How can a knitter resist a wine from a vineyard called Funky Llama?? I also bought a bottle of Pinot Grigo (Australian). I tried the Pinot Grigo first and that seemed to help me speed up my knitting. I tried the Funky Llama last night and managed to finish off one sock. This sock took me less than a week to complete. And yes, I have already cast on for the second sock. So I may get lucky and finish a second pair of socks before Soctoberfest is over.

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