Soctoberfest Final Tally

Okay, Tuesday was the last day of Soctoberfest hosted by Lolly. And it is time to post my final sock tally for the month of OCtober. I only frogged one sock but I restarted it in a different pattern, so does that count?

Completed socks – 5 socks
Completed pairs of socks – 2 pairs
Socks on the needles at the beginning of the month – 5 different sock patterns
Socks on the needle at the end of the month – 3 different patterns
including the mate to the oddball sock which is a Christmas present
Lessons learned – there is no such thing as too many socks on the needles so long as you start a new one as soon as you finish one

Okay, here are the details. On the completed socks, the two pairs that were completed were simple st-st with picot hems. The yarn for one was a gift from Pris of Knit Buddies. The other yarn was from the stash from an eBay buy. The oddball sock is from stash yarn as well. After finishing this pattern for Sock-a-pooolza, I decided to make it again using Claudia’sHand Painted sock yarn. My mother saw the finished sock and liked it. So that made it easy and it will be part of her Christmas present. I already have the second sock on the needles but I am just taking a break from the pattern at the moment.

Who do the socks belong to? The red socks are mine. The yarn is Fruit Punch from Sundara courtsey of Priscilla. The orange-y socks are from an eBay purchase and the yarn was supposed to go to Priscilla but it somehow managed to stay in my stash. Bad!!!! But never fear because the socks are going to be mailed to Priscilla.

The last sock in the photo is one that I started right after finishing the orange-y socks so that I have a simple no-thinking-required sock ont he needles. It is Meilenweitt Color Tweed in color number 1001. The colors are nice autumnal colors. And that photo is not accurate since I managed to turn the heel before midnight on Halloween. I have already started the second sock and should be able to turn the heel on that one today. I am want to make sure that both socks end up the same length so I am knitting from both ends of the ball. The pattern is a mock rib pattern that I found in Sensational Knitted Socks. And it is knitting up really fast. I am hoping to have another new pair of socks to wear by the end of next week if not sooner.

One of the other socks that I started last month, actually the frogged one, is a top down sock. I have not down a top down sock since my very first sock years ago. The yarn is a Cherry Tree potluck color in brights. I belong to the STR Rockin’ Socks Club and one of the patterns for September was Central Air and the yarn and the pattern just went together since the colors are nice hot summer colors. I will be working on these socks next. I am curious to see if I can do a regular heel flap again.

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  1. Great socks! It sounds like you accomplished a lot during socktoberfest.