Fall Socks

Fall Socks
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The socks cast on at the end of October are finished. When I took the photo I still had to finish binding off the second sock but both of them are done. The yarn is Meilenweit Colortweed in color 1001. I was thinking about giving these socks away but I think that I will keep them for myself. The colors have grown on me. I am not a big fan of brown but I like it in these socks. I just need to wash the socks before I wear them. And I have 2 more toe up socks on the needles.

And yes, my foot is resting on a pile of Alice Starmore books. And yes, the top book is In the Hebrides. I have finally decided which of my Starmore books I will be getting rid of and that is the stack. So if anyone is looking for some Alice Starmore books at a reasonable price, leave me a message or email me.

More sock photos later with both socks on the feet.


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2 responses to “Fall Socks

  1. Did you like the yarn? Interesting colours, I am not sure I would expect you to pick those colours. They don’t seem very Mia, but they are really pretty.

    You mean people actually sale there Alice Starmore books for reasonable prices? 🙂

  2. The sock looks great, especially for autumn! I’m impressed that you’re weeding out your knitting book collection.