Yet More Socks

Okay, first to answer some of the comments. Yes, Pris, the colors in the newest pair of socks are something that I would normally pick, But there is purple and red in there. And the colors have grown on me. They remind me of hiking through the woods.

And yes, some people are reasonable and destash knit books such as AS at a reasonable price. Pris, you know exactly where the money will be going anyhow – more sock yarn!!!!! And money for MDS&W.

And Jodi, I have to weed out my books. I live in an old house and I only have so much room. Plus I am going to try and make sure my books go to a good home where they will be loved and used. I love them but I will not use them.

And on to the new socks for class knitting. I am trying to keep at least one plain sock on the needles for knitting in class. And I actually have 2 different socks started right now for class knitting. And if the Colortweed socks were not me, well, the new ones aren’t me either. Well, one pair isn’t me. But the pair with the orange and red already have a new owner – another female fire fighter.

Because everyone is used to me knitting in class now, and we are all comfortable with each other, everyone is coming up and asking me about knitting and the socks. And I wasn’t sure about this particular colorway but I like it in the ball just not knitted up. Well, last night S asked me if I actually wear my socks and I told that I do. She said that she loved this particular pair. Since I am not too fond of the way the colors are playing out, I asked her for her shoe size because they are now her’s! And I am lucky in that she happens to wear the same size shoe as I do so it will be easy to fit them. I have about a half inch before I turn the heel on the first sock.

And the blue pair I am just about finished with the toe for the second time. I was working on the picking up the short rows last night while waiting at the drive through at the bank and managed to drop a few stitches. So I just started it over. It was easier. And these will be gift socks as well I think. And yes, it will be another female firefighter that I am friends with. I am in class all weekend so I want a pair that I can work on in class besides the colorful pair.

And the class I am taking this weekend is all about building construction. I have to learn how buildings are constructed so I can understand how fire will spread through them. Makes sense somehow… And at least this class is in my own county and I don’t have to drive as far. I am going to try and swing by my LYS tonight so that I can pick up some sock yarn that is being held for me. Okay, I really don’t need more sock yarn but it is on sale!!! And it is solid colors. And I want to pick up some more of the Colortweed maybe in blues for another pair of socks. I also need to pickup some stuff for some swaps I am in as well.


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2 responses to “Yet More Socks

  1. I’ve bought sock yarn a few times that I really liked in the ball but then knitted up not so much. Your socks look great! I really like that blue.

  2. Money for MDS&W is certainly a good cause to sale of books. 🙂 And you must have more sock yarn. Your name wouldn’t be Mia without it.