Hot Sock Swap

One of the mailing lists that I am on had a swap called the Hot Socks Swap. And since it involved yarn and socks, of course, I had to participate in it. My partner was Nancy in Pennsylvannia, who is currently blogless.

The swap called for you to send your partner sock yarn and a pattern plus a either tea, hot chocolate, or coffee and any goodies that you want to include. And here are the contents of the box that Nancy sent me.

First up was a sock pattern with some lace, size 1 dpns, Trekking XXL in color 127, some vanilla cocoa, a tea-tree scented lotion bar which will come in real handy once the weather starts to get a bit colder. There was also a bag of loose Burgundy Cherry Tea from the Eastern Shore Tea Company over in Lutherville, Maryland. (Lutherville is right around the corner in the Baltimore area.)

She also sent me a little candle shaped like a sea turtle which is scented with sage. There is also a really nice red and white snowflake napkin which held up my favorite item in the package.

And my favorite is the Siamese cat!!! Okay, she didn’t send me a real ‘meezer but she sent me a ceramic one that I can help kep warm by setting my tea mug on. As if I would dare! Even though it is a ceramic meezer, meezers have a way of getting back at you. Mimi would probably bit me or something. It can be eerie how Siamese cats can communicate and imagine insults.


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2 responses to “Hot Sock Swap

  1. What a wonderful package!

  2. Nancy J

    Hope this means you like it!!!