Sad Story

I do have knitting to report but I will save it until tomorrow when I will have photos. But in reading today’s Washington Post, I saw this article which just is sad. I think it is just wrong that the Church still has that much control over the politics and laws of Latin America. First of all, I am Catholic and Hispanic. I have lived in Latin America. I also hold a degree in Political Science with a concentration in Latin American affairs. So I am very familiar with the culture and the mindset. I grew up in the culture but I was also exposed to other cultures as well. And this just saddens me that it is still happening in the world. Women’s rights are still not taken seriously around the world.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link. To be honest this is one of my biggest fears with the conservative movements growing across the world. Friends in Italy are also really beginning to worry about these issues.

    I forwarded on your post to several friends. More people need to be made aware while we can still do something about women’s rights around the world. I don’t want to go back to the middle ages and a church state.

    For me it has never been whether or not I believe in abortion, but the fact that I don’t believe anyone in power has the right to my life.

    That is such a sad and scary post.. Thanks so much for posting. 🙂