Presents for Me?

I actually have 2 posts but I am going to break them down. But just to prove how much I wanted to take the photos in natural light, I went out into a light rain to take them.

When I went to the post office today, I had two, count them two, package slips. I was expecting the first one since I did place an order with The Loopy Ewe the other day. But I wasn’t expecting the second one. The second one turned out to be from none other than Ms. Knitty Kitty herself!!!! So which one will I tell you about first? Why my order from The Loopy Ewe of course.

I decided to try and get some of the wonderful Yarn Pirate Yarns from Sheri. And I was very lucky, there were still some in stock. I managed to get Hydrangea and Storm. When I ordered Storm, I was venturing out of my normal bright colors into something a bit more muted. And I have to say that I love the colors in Storm. I will have to find the right pattern for this yarn. I have a few classes after the first of the year and we all know what I will be doing in class – knitting socks!!!

I also ordered a skien of sock yarn from All Things Heather in a wonderful color called Merlot. It is all nice and grapey. Now I need to make sure that I have a bottle of Merlot at home to drink while knitting this yarn…..

The other item that I decided to order was a pair of sock blockers. None of the males in my family are what you would call talented with wood. So if I want to have a set, I knew that I would have to order them. And I can’t wait to finish a pair of sock to use them. And I may have a sock finished next week.

As to the other package, well, you will just have to wait until tomorrow. I want to play with some of the items in there first. But you can get a peek by checking out the photos over on Flickr if you want.


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2 responses to “Presents for Me?

  1. You’ve got some beautiful yarns there and I love the sock blockers!

  2. I love your yarns (and sock blockers!) on the rocks pics. 🙂 Now you have to take Socks in Trees for The Loopy Ewe photo gallery, coming soon! 🙂