Chocolate Cockroaches!! Yummy!!!!

Yesterday, I received two packages in the mail. The one was my order from the Loopy Ewe which I posted about yesterday. And yes, I will be ordering from Sheri again. But here are the details of what was in the wonderful package from Pris.

I do not any package from one knitter to another is ever complete without some yarn and chocolate. I know that I rarely send a package out to another knitter without either yarn or chocolate. And of course, there was both yarn and chocolate in my package. It is hard to say which is better – the yarn or the chocolate…..

First up the yarn. Wonderful sock yarn!!!!!! Pris knows that I love hand dyed yarns from some small vendors best. And of course that is what she sent me. This time around the yarn from Sundara is the color Blackened Raspberry. Last time, she sent me Fruit Punch and I love my socks made out of this yarn. So I can’t wait to finish up some of my socks that are currently on the needles so I can start the Blackened Raspberry ones.

The second sock yarn that she sent me was the ever elusive Vesper Sock Yarns from Knitterly Things. The color that she picked out for me was Neapolitan. I am also anxious to start a pair of socks using this yarn but again I need to wait until I finish a pair or two. But I definitely have plans for this yarn. I already know who will be the recipient of a pair of socks knit from this yarn. And no, it will not be me. But I will not say who it is yet because I will not be starting these particular pair of socks until after the holidays.

There were also two new Chibis in the package. I have seen the green one before but I have never seen the blue ones. And you can never have enough Chibis. Does it always seem like you can’t find them when you need them? I will have to do some sewing this weekend to make some new sock knitting bags for these two new ones.

She also sent me some DVDs. I have seen all of the Tremors movies except for Tremors 3. She also sent me another movie but I forgot to write down the name. It is already in the stack to watch. The weather tonight is supposed to be rainy and windy. In other words, the perfect night to watch a tacky sci-fi movie. I can’t help it, I like bad sci-fi 😉

Now for the really good stuff, as if yarn isn’t good enough! Candy!!!!! There was a bag of Lindor chocolate truffles. Milk chocolate with white chocolate filling. And yes, they are tasty. I know have my very own personal mummy with its own sarcophagus.

But I have saved the best candy for last. And it will explain the title of this post. She sent me Chocolate Cockroaches!!!!!! Yes, just like in Harry Potter!!!!! I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Do not ask me how many times I have read each book or seen the movies. I have not yet decided if I am going to eat my chocolate cockroaches yet or save them and eat in a week or so…..


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2 responses to “Chocolate Cockroaches!! Yummy!!!!

  1. If you liked Tremors 1 & 2, 3 will be a treat also. The name of the other movie is “Equilibrium”. I’d be interested in your opinion of it. I didn’t get it myself. Maybe I need to watch it again.

    Have a great movie night.


  2. I hope you like, Equilibrium is actually one of my favorite Sci Fi movies of all times. It didn’t really hit the main stream here in the states. It deals with the concept of what if all emotions, good or bad were forbidden. The sheer act of feeling is a crime punishable by death.

    Just think a pair of hand knitted socks would be a death sentence to the knitter and wearer.

    The cockroaches were from M. He though you needed them after the reindeer. :)–>