The Personal Touch

I am in charge of getting door prizes for my fire company’s annual Holiday Party. Last year, I was asked to help with the door prizes at the last minute. And apparently I did pretty good in getting the door prizes since I am the only one in charge of door prizes this year. I started early this year with figuring out which of the local businesses would be most receptive to making a donation to the fire company.

I made the decision that I would hand delivery letters to all of the businesses with the exception of two. And so far that personal touch has paid off. I have had several business either already hand me a donation or have promised a donation before the party. And I have asked a few other people to take care of the follow up at businesses that they frequent.

The one business that has really been generous is the local Starbucks. Yes, I am in there several times a week. But I must add that my chief is also in there frequently. I have become friends with the manager and several of the barristas. I should point out that the store manager is also a knitter!!!! Not only is this store donating a door prize but they are also donating coffee and pastries to the fire company this coming Sunday morning for a class we are having there. This is one of those times that the personal touch has paid off.

And in the spirit of sharing with others, when I went in to my local Starbucks today, I was wearing a scarf that I had made to use up some Point 5 yarn. It was the first scarf I pulled out of the basket this morning and that is the only reason I was wearing it. The store manager feel in love with it. You know how you have some yarns that you like the colors in it individually but not together? This was one of those yarns. So I just draped it around her neck and told her “Merry Christmas!!” I feel good about making her day. Have you ever surprised some one with a knitted item just because? Try it some time and see how good you feel.


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4 responses to “The Personal Touch

  1. Go Starbucks! Sometimes there is a heart in those corporate chains. I often go to one of the Magic Johnson Starbucks on the south side of Chicago. They “serve” underprivileged areas and provide jobs with good health insurance. The pricing is different, too, I believe.

  2. Go Starbucks!! Is that the one we went to?

    That was super sweet of you, though so sounds like something you would do for someone. It really does feel good to just surprise someone with a knitted item.

  3. How nice of you to do that! Love the new blog by the way.

  4. Shellie

    You have no idea just how much that scarf made my day…no idea. When I get home, I leave it draped around my passenger seat headrest because I don’t want to risk my three year old daughter’s curiosity with knitting. She’s way too interested in how the yarn comes “apart”… Many, many thanks for a wonderful gift.