Can I Knit in My Sleep?

Okay, I did order some more sock yarn. (And I am looking at yet more yarn again!) I can only show off one skien of the sock yarn because the rest of it will become part of some one‘s Christmas present. And I know that she reads this blog.

But in order to knit up all of the sock yarn that I already have in my stash, I need to develop the ability to knit sock in my sleep. But my new class starts tomorrow (Wednesday) night and that means at least 2 hours of knitting time during the lecture. So hopefully, I will be able to finish another pair of socks before Christmas.

I did add up the total number of socks that I managed to complete during the first class of the fall – 9 socks total!! That is 4 pairs and 1 single. I did give away 1 pair of the socks that I knit in class to one of the other female fire fighters taking the class. She was thrilled with them and that made me feel good. One pair was knit and already send to Pris of Knit Buddies.

Now for the next class, I hope to finish off 2 pairs of socks. I will admit that I am cheating since I already have both socks started and am on the legs of both of them. But they are two separate pairs of socks so I still have to complete the mates in class. One pair is for me and the other pair is for a friend in the fire company.

As to the yarn I just received yesterday, it was some that I ordered from Cloverhill Yarn Shop. The yarn is Mama-E‘s sock yarn pc110011.JPGand I did order 2 skeins of it in their signature color plus a few more. I can only show the signature color because I haven’t decided which ones to share and which ones to keep for me. This is going to be a really hard decision…..

The store manager of my favorite Starbucks took care of my fire company on Sunday morning. She had promised to donate a door prize for our holiday party and she was way too generous. (Can you guess who is in charge of getting the door prizes?) I am going to be able to make 2 door prizes out of what she gave us. And this is on top of donating coffee and pastries to a class we had there Sunday morning. The girl who opened also fixed up my chief Sunday morning with a double venti Caramel Macchiato which is his favorite drink. I saw her on Saturday and she told me to bring in a thermos and she would fix him up. We have been to her house twice this past week for fires. Thankfully, the fires were all small but they may not be next time. (Yes, she lives in a bad neighborhood where there is a person playing with matches.)

I have been knitting though and not just ordering sock yarns. I have blocking right now a hat for my chief that his oldest daughter (age 4) will be giving him for Christmas. I also have his daughter’s hat finished. Well, I have Abbie’s hat finished. I just started his youngest daughter’s hat last night but it shouldn’t take too long. She is 10 months old but I am making her hat to fit a toddler since it will still fit her. I probably will not get his wife’s scarf even started until after the holidays but that will be alright with her. I still need to finish off my chief’s mother’s fingerless gloves. She is my contact and source at the post office and I need to make sure that she is taken care of with what she wants.

And no, I am not doing any knitting for my own family. Quite simply put, it will not be appreciated so I am not going to frustrate myself. I knit for myself or those who will appreciate it.

I am going to go and see if I can finish this on-line class that FEMA says that as a fire fighter I have to have. I just had this material in the class that I just finished but we didn’t get the proper certification to satisfy FEMA. So I am taking it on-line and I want to get the first one finished up. The class is called National Incident Management and I am completing Series 100. I still have to take NIMS 200 in order to take any classes at the National Fire Academy which is right up the road from me. And since I can take NIMS 700 and 800 on-line, I am going to try and get them done by the middle of January. I am just a glutton for taking classes….

And BTW, I did order the yarn that I was looking at. Cruise on over to The Loopy Ewe and see if you can guess what yarns I ended up with….

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