ISE Package Contents

Okay, here is what was in the wonderful basket from Marcia that contained my ISE scarf. First of all the wonderful chocolates!!!! Can you say yummy???? First of all, there is a package of sipping chocolate from Bellagio. There is a bar of Cafe-Tasse Noir Orange. This is followed by a bar of Venchi Menta Piemonte. There is also a bar of Dolfin Chocolat au Lait a la Cannelle de Ceylan (translated it means Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon from Ceylon and the other two are dark chocolate with orange and peppermint from the Piedmont of Italy.)

There are two skeins of Claudia’s sock yarn in Turquoise Jeans which is a color that I have never seen. I can’t wait to finish up a few pairs that are on the needles so I can start a pair using this yarn.

There is also a lovely mug that you can’t see in the photos that says “Carpe Yarn-em or Seize the Yarn.” I will use it when I try the drinking chocolate.

But the best part is the scarf!!! It is lovely and light as a whisper!!! You will forget that you have it on!!! The color is wonderful!!!! It is a nice raspberry shade of pink!!!And that is actually the name of the color – Hand Dyed “Raspberry.” The yarn is 100% American cashmere from Rabbit Tree Farm in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. I do not know what the pattern is so I hope Marcia reads this and will let me know.

I want to say THANK YOU to Marcia!!!!!!!view 1pc110015.JPG

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