Stranded Colorwork Decision

I signed up to take part in the Stranded Colorwork Challenge. And I have been really bad about not posting about it. I had at first decided that I was going to do the We Call Them Pirates hat using the pattern at Hello Yarns. But some one at the yarn shop knit it up and she had a few problems with gauge. And since I was planning on using the same yarn as she had, I had to rethink my decision.

So after thinking about it, I decided that I really like the colors I had picked out for my hat and I really want to use them for something. So I went through all of my patterns and books and decided on mittens. And now that I had decided on mittens, I had to decide which mitten pattern to pick. I have pretty much settled on a pattern out ofpc110005.JPG the Latvian Mittens book by Lizbeth Upitis. And the colors that I will be using are the same orange and pale green Baby Ull that I had picked out for my original plans.

Except that I am brave enough to admit it, I am a colorwork virgin! Last night, I went in to my LYS and talked to my favorite teacher and she suggested that I start with a hat first. The reason is that I am a Continental knitter and I need to make sure I am comfortable carrying the yarns in both hands. So what I found at the shop was the Wellington Hat pattern by Friends of Cabin Fever. It is really a toque. And it should be quite fun.pc130002.JPG

What colors am I going to use? Try this combination of colors – raspberry, purple, and white. I am thinking that the raspberry will be the main color with the purple and white as the contrast. And to make sure that I do not have any excuse for not starting like saying that I do not have the right size needles, I went ahead and bought them. Yes, I know that I probably have the right size in my needle stash but this way I am postive that I have the right size. And I also bought size 5 dpns because beleive it or not, I do not own that size!!!!

I also picked up a package yesterday in the mail that I forgot to mention, Pris sent me 9 ruby red grapefruits from Texas!!! I love grapefruit. I east them the way most people eat oranges. My mother is trying to talk me into giving her all of them but I will not do that. I did give her some though. Thank you Pris!pc120001.JPG

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