on little cat feet

Last night was the first night of my Instructor 1 class. And I am not sure if I need to worry or not because my deputy chief is in the class with me. I had no idea that he was taking the class until he walked in last night. The class was supposed to be split into 2 classes because of the number of people who preregistered for it. But as usual, not everyone showed up. So the instructors decided that the class would be taught as 1 class for the lectures and we would split up for the speaking portions of the class. We have tag team instruction! One of the topics we covered was how to read your class room. And he listed several signals to look for such as people not paying attention, body language and knitting. Because several of the people in this class were not in the previous class, he quickly explained that during the last class, I had knit during the lectures but that did not mean that I was not paying attention that it was just my learning style. He also explained that everyone learns differently and that some people actually learn better when their hands are busy and that if they saw me knitting in class during the lectures not to be concerned because I was actually paying attention.

I was hoping to finish off either a baby hat or the pair of Fetching fingerless gloves that I have on the needles today. I need to finish both of these before Christmas since they are presents. I want to start my colorwork hat but I also know that I need to finish these 2 projects first. And the operative word today was hoping to because just before noon, I heard 3 beeps on my pager and than the words Box 15-16 and I was headed out the door. Today’s photospc140001.JPG are from the fire grounds. Luckily the damagepc140031.JPG was mostly confined to the bedroom but there was still damage. pc140013.JPG

And just so you know today’s title comes from a poem that I really like. When I was driving home from class last night the fog was rolling in. There were places were there no fog and other places where the fog was like pea soup. So if the first person to give me the title of the poem, the author, and for extra points, the whole poem, you will win a prize of some yarn. So go at it…..

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  1. It’s a Carl Sandburg poem, and I think it’s about Chicago. Is “Fog” the title?

    The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

    Something like that! The imagery of that poem really affected me when I first read it as a child.