Christmas Knitting

My Christmas knitting is almost done!!! I have one fingerless glove to finish up. My hats are done, washed, and blocking as I write this. The funny thing about my Christmas knitting is that none of it is for my immediate family. I only knit for people who will appreciate the care and time that goes into the making of the item. And I am not saying that my family doesn’t appreciate it but my niece and nephew are at the ages where it is not “cool” to wear stuff like that. They want it and will wear it so long as their friends can’t see them wearing it. The pre-teen years are so hard at times.

pc190011.JPGLast year, I knit my fire chief a hat because his than 3 year old daughter told me that “daddy needed a crown.” She was very specific in her requirements for daddy’s crown. I translated the crown into a hat. I gave the hat to his mother and she wrapped it up and gave it to him on Christmas Eve. He actually wore the hat on a fire call Christmas evening. And he has been wearing that hat since. It fits underneath his helmet and that is why he likes it. So this year, I knit him a new hat in a dark blue Rowan Felted Tweed. This color is one that he can wear under his helmet at work. (He is a career fire fighter as well as a volunteer chief.)

I also knit his now 4 year old daughter a new hat in her favorite color – pink! I used a dark pink and white Dale for her hat. I don’t have the labels handy so I can’t remember which yarn but it is machine washable. I also knit her baby sister a hat in pale pink Plymouth Dream Baby. I knit baby sister’s hat sized to fit an 18-month old simply because it is better to knit big for babies.

My chief’s mother works at my local post office and I will be handing off the hats to her tomorrow. She will take care of wrapping them and sneaking them under his Christmas tree. My chief’s wife is in on the new hat for him and she appreciates that I will knit for her girls.

And I finished up the hat I was knitting yesterday. I still have about 50 yards of the yarn left and I am debating whether or not to try and get a third hat out of the leftovers. But that will have to wait until after the holidays. And what will become of the 2 hats that I finished out of the same ball? Well, I am waiting to see if a certain person reads this and gives me a clue as to which one she likes better. They will both fit her head. So you know who you are, so please give me a clue.pc190008.JPG

More later, I need to try and finish off the glove.

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  1. Hehehe….. a clue eah…..

    How cool… both hats are really lovely, but I think I like the red one the best (The one that is lying down flat. THANK YOU ….