Bits and Pieces

Today, I am going shopping and finishing off my Christmas list. So here are some odds and ends to think about…..

One of my favorite authors is Barbara Delinsky and she has a new book due out in February of 2007. The title of the book is Family Tree and she has the first chapter up on her website. From reading the first chapter, it looks like the lead female character is a knitter. There are several references to knitting in the first chapter alone. But my favorite line is “You’re not a knitter. You wouldn’t understand.” This is said by Dana to her husband, Hugh, as he realizes that she has several skeins of a heavy worsted yarn in her bag that she is taking to the hospital for the birth of their new baby. This is her something small to work on! I think we can all relate.

Seen on the board in the engine bay, “the three wise men were firemen, they came from afar.” (Around her, sometimes the word is pronounced as fire.) Yes, our sense of humor is quite different.

Well, off to shop and try to avoid buying any new knitting books for myself when I go into Borders. 😉


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3 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Good luck with the shopping! I just have one little thing left to buy. Borders’ knitting section definitely has a siren song that’s hard to resist.

  2. Hi, Could you please e-mail me about KMKS? The person kitting for you is concerned that she hasn’t yet heard from you. She’s sent three e-mails but no replies, so I want to verify your info.

  3. Books are calling you, yoohhhooooooooooo……… I was not so lucky at Borders diverting the sirens singing there sweet songs tonight after getting food at Whole Foods. We all need more books right?