Christmas Presents & More

Christmas Eve, I found out that I had won a basket full of beauty products from the salon that I go to and I was able to pick it up that same day. But I was good and waited to open it on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was a gray and rainy day here in the mid-Atlantic. (I can’t really remember the last time that we have had a really true sunny day.) My brother picked what time we were supposed to go over to our parents house. And as usual, he was late. Okay, I can be honest, his wife is not known for being on time – ever! And as usual with most knitters’ families, no knitting goodies. Except that my mother gave me a nice gift card that I can use anywhere. And it shouldn’t be any big surprise that I used to to buy yarn on Boxing Day 😉

My oldest nephewpc250005.JPG took care of my music needs with a little gift of iTunes. I love my iTunes. Just exactly how much music, audio books, and podcasts do I have in my iTunes? I am not telling but I did add some today!!! Yeah, new music!!! (And the little boy in the photo is my youngest nephew with his new favorite toy – “C” or better known as Cookie!!!!)

pc250002.JPGI did open the basket and there is a ton of beauty supplies in there. And since most of them were for people with straight hair, I let my mother have her share. I only kept the stuff that I can use on my curly hair. And the cat seems to think that the basket belongs to her, so I guess this really nice empty basket will be staying at my mother’s.

I did receive yarn goodies courtesy of Santa Pris on Boxing Day as well. And as usual, she was extremely generous. What all did she include in the box besides candy? Yarn of course!!!! But the best thing in the box was a Christmas ornament of a rubber duckie with a Santa hat on his head!!!! Can you say cute?pc270027.JPG

Santa Pris included the Holiday Rescue kit from Philosophy, some Japanese recipe cards, and some gummy candies in kiwi and grape, some hot chocolate mix, a Santa ornament fill of candy,a Santa purse full of truffles, and a tree shaped cookie cutter with a chocolate tree inside it. (There are also two Christmas mugs that I forgot to put in the photo.)

Oh, you wanted to know about the knitted goodies that she included as well?pc270018.JPG Okay, sock yarns were in the box. We try to get each other sock yarns from indie dyers that the other one has not heard of and given that I tend to buy quite a bit of sock yarn, Pris has a hard time of it. But here is what she came up with to surprise me – Peppermint Twist from Cider Moon Hand Dyed, Sweet Georgia in Berry, Painted Yarns in Gypsy. She also sent me Chinese Fireball from Dani at Sunshine Yarns. We were IMing each other the day that Dani updated the store and I actually introduced Pris to Dani’s wonderful yarns. Pris also sent me a key chain sock block kit. I see plenty of sock knitting in the near future…..


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2 responses to “Christmas Presents & More

  1. Sounds like some great loot! Those Philosophy products always look tempting, but I have a stash of bath and beauty products that doubtless will keep me clean and moisturized for many years.

    I went a little wild at the wonderful yarn store on Christmas Eve, so no yarn shopping for me for quite some time. I need to knit, knit, knit!

  2. Sounds like you did very well for Christmas, and your pal sure spoiled you by the sounds of things!