Staying Busy

Things have been busy around here which is why I have been quiet. I am trying to catch up on my readings for my class and try and get ahead.

I have also been knitting. I having been quietly working on my first top down sock in years. Once I learned how to do a toe-up sock, I stopped knitting sock top down. But I had this yarn that I wanted to try and I decided to follow the pattern for once with only a small modification. I chose the Jaywalker pattern simply because it is so well written. I have finally turned the heel and am working on the gusset. I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn that I am using. I have also been quietly working on my hat for the Stranded Color Work Challenge. I have finally finished the brim of the hat and have just started the color work. Photos will up soon

For photos of what has been going on, I am going to send you over to my fire company‘s photo albums. There are some new photos of a hay barn fire from last night. I did not take these particular photos but my chief did take them. I stayed at the station to provide assistance to the fire company that was coming in to backfill our station.

edited to add – I am also in the early stages of researching any available funding out there for fire prevention that I can apply for to help me with fire prevention efforts. If you happen to know of any grants or contests out there that are related to the fire service, please drop me a line….

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  1. HDW

    have you seen the ? it is by the company that produces Hamburger helper……my husband applied for our island communtiy, they are giving away up to $10,000.00 a month I believe. Worht checking out anyway.

    PS Love the socks!!!!