Pirate Hats

Okay, the cold is getting better. I keep offering to people but no one wants it. I still can’t figure that one out. I mean, some one obviously was generous and gave it to me and I would just like to return the favor……

But one good thing about a cold is that you have a built in excuse to sit around in pj’s all day and knit while you watch any movie you want to. And that is precisely what I did on Saturday. I sat on the couch all day in my sweats and knit, read, and watched DVDs. But one thing that I did discover is that it does not pay to be trying to follow a fair isle pattern when you are coughing. But I still did anyhow. I worked on my Wellington hat for the Stranded Colorwork Challenge. While I like the photo in the pattern, I am not liking my color choices. I haven’t taken a photo of this hat yet because I am thinking of frogging it. But I will wait until this week when I may have another repeat done before deciding. Of course, if I don’t like it when it is done, I can always use it as a Christmas present for someone.

But I also decided that I was going to start what had been my original project for the color work challenge – the We Call Them Pirates hat. Some one at my LYS had done one out of Baby Ull but she said that the hat turned out to be too small. But knowing that I am a loose knitter, I decided to give it a try. If the hat turned out too small, I can always find a kid who will like it. So far so good. I started out on US 3s but I have gone down to US2s and I am still getting gauge. I think the person at my LYS who had problems must be a tight knitter. p1090001.JPG

I picked my colors of lime and orange simply because I liked the colors. And I proved the combination to be a good choice last night when one of the teenage girls at the fire company asked me if I would make her one in the same colors. J liked the pattern while her friend A thought it was too goth. But A turned right around and asked if I could do one in purple and gold. I told both girls that after I finish this one, we can talk and if they really want one afterwards, they only have to pay for the yarn. I know that J will still want one. She has several of my hats and scarves and wears them. The best part is that both of them appreciate a hand knit item and take care of them. A learned to knit last spring but she picks it up and plays with it since being a senior in high school is more important right now. p1090004.JPG

I also worked out some of how I am going to handle my speeches for my classes over the weekend.


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3 responses to “Pirate Hats

  1. I hope you feel better soon, too, Mia! I’m impressed that you can get a lot of knitting done when you’re sick. I can only handle the simplest of projects when I don’t feel well.

    Good luck with the pirates hat. I’ve fallen off the Stranded wagon; I’m trying to finish up some WIPs instead.

  2. I’m glad you’re getting gauge. I assumed that since Baby Ull is DK and the pattern calls for Sport that Baby Ull would make a smaller hat.

  3. Oops – meant to say that Baby Ull is fingering weight.