Progress Report

Okay, I have actually been doing some knitting. I have made some progress on my Pirate hat. I managed to finish one sock and start another sock. And I have been looking through cookbooks for new recipes.

p1120003.JPGFirst up, a Pirate hat. I am on row 20 of the chart and I am loving this hat. J and I were discussing last night about the idea of using neon colors for the hat. Since she will be the lucky recipient of the hat, she gets some input on the next one since she will be buying the yarn for it. That’s right, she is paying for the yarn and I am knitting it. I know better than to try and teach her to knit. She told me that she wore a scarf I made for her to school last week and everyone wanted to know where she got it. (I had knit a modified Clapotis out of some Art Yarns for her about a year ago.) If I finish this Pirate hat by next Saturday, she will wear it at the fire company banquet. And yes, there will be photos if this happens.

I finished up a sock that I started back in November finally. The yarn is Austerman Step and the socks are for a friend. We both have have the same size foot so it made figuring out the length easy. She is really into blues and has never owned a pair of hand knit socks. But the best part is that she understands what it means to knit and knows that she will get the socks when they are done and not by any particular date. 🙂 p1120004.JPG

And instead of starting the mate to the finished sock which fits in nicely with the Project Spectrum colors for February and March, I started a different sock. Yes, I know should start the mate to this sock but I wanted to see how my new yarn would knit up. I received and order from my favorite sock yarn shop and I wanted to try this yarn. I had ordered Sweet Georgia in Still Water since the colors in it are not colors that I would normally chose. Okay, I do have a lot of blue but not the tans and browns.p1120005.JPG And Sheri issued a challenge for us to knit a sock in colors that we normally avoid. So I wanted to get a head start on this sock.

So I am trying another top down pattern again. This is one that from the IK Knits website that is now apparently in the subscriber only section. But the pattern is by Ann Budd and called “A Pair of Socks.” And the nicest thing about the colors in the new socks are that they are also colors my friend would like. So she may end up with two pairs of socks in the end. Once I finish both pairs of socks, I will let her chose which ones she wants. And if she wants both colors, she will have both pairs.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to the Montgomery County Department of Fire and Rescue Service’s training center and play in the flash over simulator. Since I am still getting over my cold, I may end up not going in. My chief and I will make that decision tomorrow morning. Because I have asthma, I tend to play things a little bit more conservatively than most people. Another reason why I may not be able to go in is that quite often, face pieces will glaze over from the extreme heat. And I happen to wear a size small mask. The county stocks large, extra large, and few mediums in the general supply warehouse. If my mask has to be repaired, I can not ride. But I should be able to get some interesting pictures tomorrow. I just hope it doesn’t rain.


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5 responses to “Progress Report

  1. Jen

    Wow, great colors on that pirates hat. Amazing how different it looks when you use the light color for the background!

  2. i really like the color combo on the pirate hat!!!

  3. Very Cute little skulls there…. I like the colourway that you bought for Sweet Georgia Yarn…. Very pretty.

  4. Some knitting? It looks like there’s been lots of knitting! I like the idea of neon colors for the pirate hat; it’s much more interesting than the standard black and white. I hope you beat the last of your cold soon.

  5. Your pirate hat is looking fantastic! I’m just about finished my first one as well – will post pictures later today. I love your colours!

    Was directed to your site from Maria over at NakedKnitGirl. Seems we’re both doing the veggie challenge! Good luck!