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Playing in the Smoke

Yesterday, I got to play in some smoke. Since I was really comfortable bottling up, I did not go in but I still went on the drill. Because I knew where we were going and I wasn’t going into the simulator, I drove myself. Of course that meant I had to pick up the donuts. And since it was my choice and I knew where the best donuts were to be had, I picked up 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!!! (I was bad and also bought a dozen of the original glazed for myself!!! But I was good and they are all in my freezer right now.)

During the lecture portion of the training, there were several questions asked by our instructor but for some reason, 10 out of 12 of us seemed to have forgotten the basics of fire science. My deputy chief and I were the only ones who were able to answer the questions. And yes, this was noted by the chief.

But the fun was when we went outside and everyone got to dress up and go inside the simulator. All of the photos were taken outside of the simulator because I did not go in. Plus the temperatures during the flash over training can exceed 500 degrees F.

Just listening on the outside, you were actually able to really hear the fire talk to you. And the one thing about this simulator is that there is lots and lots of smoke!!!! And the for the first time, I was actually able to read the smoke and get a grasp on it before it changed colors which is skill that we do not often get to develop.


To see more photos and 2 movies that I shot, check out the photos over on the fire company’s photo albums that I maintain at Picasa Web Albums.


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