Going Going Gone

I was reading Maria over at Naked Girl Knit‘s blog last week and saw her posting about the Veggie Challenge issued by Toronto Vegetarian Association.

After reading about Maria’s decision to go veg for a week, I decided that I could it as well. The reality is that I actually eat very little meat at all. Maybe once a week, I will actually eat a small amount of chicken, turkey, or a small amount of seafood. When I make soups, I tend to use homemade veggie stocks or prepared veggie or faux chicken stocks. When I make chili, I quite often use veggie crumbles instead of my normal ground turkey. I have even made chili using the veggie crumbles and taken it down to the fire house and no one knew the difference. When some one asked what the meat was, I just said that I did not use hamburger. I didn’t tell them the whole truth but I knew how they would react. But the honest truth is that most people can not tell the difference when you use TVP or veggie crumbles in a chili or stew.

Going veg takes a commitment to reading labels and educating not only yourself by other people. There are meat products hidden where you would least expect it. I have been reading the Fat Free Vegan for quite awhile now and back in August of last year, Susan posted a recipe for fruit cups. In her blog that day, she mentioned that the mandarin orange Dole fruit cups were vegan. That started me looking at the labels of the fruit cups. I will not say what I found as a result but you might want to read labels a little bit closer and look up unfamiliar ingredients.

And as to the educating other people, I was with a friend at the grocery store on Saturday and we were talking about it. She did not really understand that being veg meant absolutely no meat or meat product. Vegetarianism can be very confusing to those who are not familiar with it. But I have discovered that I feel better when I eat vegetarian meals.

I have listed several new links over on the side bar that will help anyone wanting to try some veggie recipes or explore it more. I will also try and post some of my favorite veg recipes on the blog this week if for nothing else to give you you an idea that eating veg can be fun.

Some of my favorite websites for vegan or vegetarian recipes are the Susan‘s Fat Free Vegan website and blog; the Vegetarian Times website has several great recipes and articles; and Go Veg which is sponsored by PETA. There are many wonderful websites out there that offer up free recipes and help with getting started.

And for today’s favorite recipe, I am providing a link over to the Fat Free Vegan and Susan’s recipe for Pineapple Coffee Cake. It is the best cake I have ever made. Everyone loves it. Please read the comments for how to make the adjustments if you do not have egg replacer. Actually, I think I need to make this cake this week. I haven’t made it in quite awhile.

And just to keep this on knitting, there is a very famous vegetarian knitter out there that everyone loves. And it is none other than Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot!!!!


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2 responses to “Going Going Gone

  1. Thanks for the links. My plan is to post at the end of each day pictures and recipes of what I ate that day.

  2. Hello from one of the “Stranded without a Compass” knitters of our group!

    Enjoyed the visit to your blog 🙂

    My daughter is still trying to teach me the correct way to say vegan and is quite disgusted with me when I screw it up nearly every time. 😉 But we are trying to go more vegan.

    And now another “along” has caught my interest with your link to the Frank or Martha sock along!