New Knitting Bag

Okay, Pris and I ordered new knitting bags last week. And it is strange but I received mine before she did. And yet, the place we ordered from is right in the same town that she lives in. But I think it has a lot to do with my local post office. So what is the new knitting bag? p1160013.JPG The Namaste Messenger bag in cranberry. We both ordered the same exact thing so that we can be twins.p1160015.JPG

I have not even had my bag 6 hours and I already know that I will be ordering another one in a different color very soon. Te trick will be deciding what color…….


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2 responses to “New Knitting Bag

  1. 😥 Mine still isn’t here yet… It looks so cool.

  2. It seems that I can’t have enough knitting bags. What, in particular, do you like about the Namaste bag? What is the interior like? I have the Knit Picks bags and am happy with them, but am always on the lookout for better bags.