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p1150009.JPGI signed up to take part in Lolly’s Project Spectrum 2.0. This will be a chance to work outside my color comfort zone. i think that this will be quite a bit of fun actually.

One challenge that I would like to see others taking part in Project Spectrum 2.0 try is to work outside their color comfort zone. All of us have certain colors that we tend to use over and over again. These are colors that we feel comfortable wearing and we really truly do not venture too far from them. Take a quick look at your closet and you will probably see the same range of colors. Your color comfort zone may be blues, greens, or purples. You may wear several shades of the colors but they will all be pretty much in the same color family. I know that I am just as guilty. I tend to wear quite a bit of blues, reds, and purples. But I also will venture out and try new colors. I now have at least one sweater in a lime green and several orange shirts. Of course, I have nothing in the color yellow in my wardrobe. But I also know that if I wear yellow, I will look sick.

A quick way that I have discovered to see if you are wearing the same colors all the time is to clean out your closet. I try to this this a couple of times a year. I live in an old house, so closet space is at a premium. As in I have exactly 2 closets and one is only the width of the door. The bigger closet is long and you can only really access what is right in the door area. And to make matters worse in this closet, I have a shelving unit right there to hold sweaters and t-shirts. I cleaned out my closet Sunday afternoon. I already knew that I had a rather large number of navy blue and gray t-shirts. (They are all fire related and I only wear them for running calls and training.) But I discovered that I had quite a bit more pink and red than I though in my regular clothing. I also discovered that I really need to go shopping. I ended up with a large container full of shirts that need to be put up in the attic until summer. Yes, all of these shirts were summer shirts. I am going shopping for new cloths this weekend and I am going to try and explore some new colors in my clothing. Maybe some more purple, a green or two, or who knows?

And to prove that actual knitting has been going on, there is a progress photo. I am almost done with the second row of skulls. I am already thinking about the next hat and what yarns to use. I think I will try Fauk for the next hat. And yes, I will make the mittens at some point. Depending on how much yarn I have left over from this hat, I may try and make matching mittens.p1160012.JPG

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