Trying to Stay Warm

The cold weather has finally hit Maryland these past few days. The overnight low the other night was 11 F. Okay, that really isn’t that cold by that cold by the standards of some parts of the country but when we have been having temperatures in the 60s, it is cold. And the worst part about the cold is that it is a damp cold. We have had a fair amount of rain so the ground is wet. I don’t mind cold when there is snow on the ground but we have yet to see anything more than a flurry or two.

So I am offering some photos that I took on Saturday during the training. The materials being burned got hot enough that they were still smoldering when the simulator was cleaned out. The materials were shoveled into the metal dumpster still hot. And when you add oxygen to materials that are still smoldering, you get a nice fire. And yes, I was right up in the smoke next to the dumpster to take pictures. You can’t a fire fighter away from fire and finding ways to play with it. I hope these photos give you a warm feeling.
And there is some knitting going on right now but I am trying to rework my instructor class presentation. The topic that I picked for this class is one that I can use in the second half of the class. So I am reworking my Power Point slides and their backgrounds over the next week. Once I have the presentation looking a bit better, I will post the file for your viewing. But I will say that my presentation is not about knitting.


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2 responses to “Trying to Stay Warm

  1. Good luck pulling your power point presentation together over the weekend for class.

    Though I must say, all those photos make me think of is how cute the snow man peeps would be on a stick roasting by the fire.

  2. Looks scary to me! You’re awfully brave.

    It’s actually colder in Maryland now than Chicago, I think.