Knit Mitt Kit Swap

ksks_button.jpgI had signed up for the Knit Mitt Kit Swap which was hosted by Scout And Bev. I went to the post office Saturday morning to see if I had that nice little yellow slip saying I had a package. And yes, there was one in my box. But I was very good and did not open it for several hours. It did help that I had errands to run so there was no way that I could open it.

And when I opened the box, there was a nice little note from Guinifer of Half-Way Down the Stairs. I had found her blog by accident but in her note, she thought that I might have sleuthed her out. But the honest truth is that I found her blog by accident. p1200002.JPG

In the box were several wonderful goodies. The first thing I noticed was a skien of Malabrigo Yarn. I have been wanting to try Malabrigo but neither of the yarn shops in my town carry it. All I can say about Malabrigo is that it is super soft and I will definitely be getting more of this yarn. (And she attached a wonderful little stitch marker to the yarn as well!!!!)

I also immediately noticed the big bag of Swedish Fish. I love this candy!!!! And yes, there is still most of the bag left. I have been very good at pacing myself. And this candy is also a vegan candy. (BTW, did you know that you could go fishing for Swedish Fish ?) There was also a nice little Burt’s Bees sampler pack. I will definitely by using the cutuicle creme. This dry weather is murder on my hands!!!

She also sent me the Magic Loop Mittens pattern by Knit Wits. There is a size 6 Addi turbo to use with the yarn and the pattern. I love my Addis. What can I say?

She made me a Booja bag in a wonderful striping yarn to carry my knitting in as well. I am guessing that it is Noro but I am not sure. There is a nice bag of Candy Cane coffee that will be enjoyed. p1200003.JPG

There was a nice little red pop up bag that I can to store my yarns as I sit on my couch as I knit. And she also sent me some wonderful very fine sock yarn that is almost a lace weight yarn in a color way that runs from a pale blue to the lighter shades of purple. The little card attached to the skien reads that the colors are the colors of pale lilac and plum. It is a hand dyed skien but I do not have the name of the dyer.

I will not be knitting up my mittens right away because I want to pet my Malabrigo for a bit. I think that all of the knitters out there can understand this……


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4 responses to “Knit Mitt Kit Swap

  1. Nice package! I plan on fondling my yarn from my kit for awhile, too.

  2. Haha, I totally understand what you mean!

  3. What a fabulous package! I wish I had signed up for that swap — looks like fun.

    Mmmm… Malabrigo.

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