Straight Hair (or the Banquet Post)

For those of you who wondered about the photos of me with straight hair, let me just explain one little thing, my hair is naturally curly. And it does not do straight without help. A lot of help since I can not do it myself. My fire company banquet was Saturday night and for something different, I decided that morning to get my hair flat ironed that afternoon. I was able to get an appointment that afternoon to have my hair flat ironed. The funny thing about having my hair straightened is that only the a few of the teen aged girls noticed that it was straight. Everyone else couldn’t figure it out. They realized that there was something different but they couldn’t put their finger on it. Everyone commented about how red my hair was though. They all figured that I had dyed my hair red that day. But the truth is that my hair has be this red for quite awhile. My natural hair color is very dark and the only color that I can add without really damaging my hair is red. And that is fine with me. But when my hair is curly, you don’t really notice the red as much. p1200077.JPGp1230002.JPG

Now to the banquet. I almost did not attend due to some issues resulting from fire house politics. But in the end, I decided to go to show support for my chief and my friends there. Fire company banquets are like pretty much any other banquet except that you get the politicians there. Basically, every politician in the area is invited and sometimes they are allowed to speak. This year we allowed the new sheriff to speak but he is also a volunteer fire fighter so he know to keep it short. Plus he started out by saying that his wife warned him to keep it short.

I was still on the last day of the Veg Challenge and trying to eat veg at the banquet was extremely hard to say the least. But having an idea that the menu would be heavy on the meat, I eat something before I left home. And yes, the menu was heavy on the meat. There was salmon, chicken and prime rib on the menu. Luckily, there was a carrot vegetable medley and mashed potatoes that I could eat. Although, I was bad and had a small amount of the Maryland crab soup. But to not eat a little of this soup would be a sin. It is really good.

I ended up sitting with a guy I went out with over the summer. We are friends and that is all it will ever be. The awards portion of the banquet was where things would be interesting. The President’s awards are where things tend to get interesting and they were. There were people left out in his awards for having worked fund raisers but all of his buddies were given awards. Oh well, such is life.

But I was more interested in the fire fighter awards. The chief had initially asked me if I would be there because there were some issues surrounding our election that directly affected me. And he assured me that I didn’t need to worry if I chose to not go. But I assured him that I would be there to support him and a few others.

So when the chief’s awards began, I was one of the 15 responders who went up to receive a little something for this honor. Every year, he tries to give us something that we will be able to use as part of our personal gear. This year, all of us received a rescue knife, a window punch, and a baseball hat. My nephew will probably take the hat again this year since I do not wear baseball hats. But the tools are mine. All mine!!!! (Although, my training officer and I suggested to the chief alter that next year, the two of us get something different like maybe a day at the spa. Our reason is that we are females and we need something a little extra for putting up with them. 🙂

p1230006.JPGI did win the fire prevention award for the year but that was a given since I am basically the only person who handles fire prevention at the station. I have also been nominated at the state and county levels for fire prevention awards as well. My goal for fire prevention this year is to do more and expose more people to what they can do to prevent fire and injuries in the home. p1230005.JPG


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2 responses to “Straight Hair (or the Banquet Post)

  1. well an award is an award! and i do like your haircolor — very rich!

  2. Those awards mean a lot when you may not always get recognized for your hard work! Good for you!
    I like the curly hair, but that’s just ’cause it’s what I don’t have!

    PS – We have three minis in our house – well now only two. I have a pink one and my DH has a blue one and they both just keep on going. My 14 YO has an iPod video that we’ve had to send in for repairs twice and they’ve just replaced it, so he’s on his third iPod. Warranty is up next month, I’m thinking we should buy an extended warranty for the video iPod.

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