Cooking with Veggie Annie

Last night, I had the opportunity to take a class by a local chef known as Veggie Annie at my local co-op. Veggie Annie is a vegetarian chef as her name suggests. And having just finished the Toronto Vegetarian Association‘s Veg Challenge week, this class came at an opportune time.
The recipes that were being demonstrated last night were Veggie Annie’s Texas Black Bean Hummus, Pissaladiere, and Green Goddess Dressing.p1230020.JPG

I enjoyed myself and learned a few new recipes. Plus I am also willing to now try making a pie crust thanks to Veggie Annie.p1230021.JPG

To simplify things, I have created a new page where I will be posting recipes from time to time. I have already posted two of the recipes from last night up there already along with the corresponding pictures. Anything in italics are my changes. And yes,t here is knitting going on but I just need to take some decent daylight photos of the WIPS.


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3 responses to “Cooking with Veggie Annie

  1. I’ve never taken a cooking class. Sounds like fun!

  2. yum… the hummus looks really good. Class looks like a blast.

  3. Oooh, looks like fun! Yum Hummus, one of my favorite ingredients.

    I posted pictures of the kit you sent me and the mitt I started 🙂 Check it out if you are so inclined and thank you again.

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