All Socks

Okay, as promised there is actually knitting going on but i has all been sock knitting. But socks are addictive. And with a good drug dealer, who can resist knitting socks…….

This past Saturday, I spent the whole day in class. I behaved quite well by not knitting for the first 2 hours, but I started to get antsy. I think you all know what I mean. So I pulled out my socks. I ended up working on two different socks while everyone was giving their speeches. Knitting helps me focus and retain more of what is said in class. It is just my learning style. And I have 2 socks that I will be taking with me to Wednesday night’s class which will be a 4 hour class for me since I am doing a make-up class. (New class which I had to miss last week because my instructor class was on the same night. But I am lucky in that the new class is being taught by one of the 2 instructors for my instructor class.) And there is a back-up sock that will be ready for Saturday’s all day class when we give our final presentations. (And by all day, I mean all day with no breaks. You can get up and walk out for short breaks as you need them.)

And I would like to say that again as the only female in the class, I was asked by our instructor if I would mind picking up a couple of dozen donuts on my way to class Saturday morning. But our instructor, Leon, knows that while the guys will say they will pick up donuts, they always forget. But if I pick up the donuts, I will remember. I shuld add that Leon is really good about getting the guys to pay for the donuts. And I have to say a huge thanks to my friend Shellie at my favorite Starbucks store. She is helping me out by donating the coffee and pastries. And Shellie, I will hold onto your new yarn until you finish moving. (Shellie is a new knitter!!!!)

p1290013.JPGNow on to photos of socks and more socks. I finished up a pair of socks Friday night that I am giving to a friend. I started working on these socks back in late October and finished the first one in no time. But the second sock seemed to take forever. But I finished it up and I know that she loves them since I had her try on the first sock. I almost had a problem getting the first sock back from her. She didn’t want to take it off. I am hoping to deliver the finished pair to her tonight or tomorrow night. The yarn is Austerman Step but I lost the label but I think it is 02. It is blues with some gray. The pattern is one I found in Sensational Socks but off the top of my head, I can’t remember the name. I will look it up and add it later. (And I might add that this was a Project Spectrum sock just finished a few days early.)

I also have on the needles, for my feet, a pair of 2-by2 ribbed socks in Claudia’s Hand Paint in Plumicious.p1290015.JPG I also have a plain pair of socks on the needles in Fleece Artist Sock in Pale Pinks that I have had in my stash for quite awhile. I am working both of these socks at the same time. But I will say that I am not attempting them on the same needle. I am just working from both ends of the ball. I want to try and make the legs on this pair as long as I can.

I also have my “Martha” socks on the needles. The yarn is Sweet Georgia in Still Water which is not a color that I would normally pick up as a yarn to knit with. But I decided to take Sheri’s challenge and I am actually liking these colors. The pattern again is one from Sensational Socks. That book is worth it’s weight in gold. I can’t wait for the next one.

There is more sock news but I will save it for tomorrow. And I did add the onion tart recipe to recipe page from my class last week. And I do have more to add but I am waiting to see which recipes Madam clothesknit decides to use in the Knit & Dish swap. I sent her several and told her to use whichever ones she wants. (I will also try and take a decent photo of my “Martha” sock and post it along with the pink sock. And even though, I have linked some of today’s socks and their yarns over to my favorite dealer, I did not necessarily buy them from her. But I would recommend her. 😉


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2 responses to “All Socks

  1. wow! you do have some projects on the needles! that claudia’s looks beautiful1

  2. Those blue Austermann socks are gorgeous! I’m almost done with my first pair of socks (yes, I know I’m slow), and I’ve been perusing Sensational Knitted Socks for a new pattern. I’m sticking with something labeled “easy.”

    Too bad you get stuck with donut duty.

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