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And Yet Socks Again

I have also been working on my “Martha” socks as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I finally was able to get a decent photo of these socks. Fore some reason, this yarn does not like to be photographed. The yarn is Sweet Georgia in Still Water and the pattern is the Baby Cable pattern from Sensational Socks. What did we do before this book was published? For some reason, this sock feels like it is taking longer to knit up than my normal patterns but I am liking it. And it isn’t as if I don’t have other socks on the needles…p1300005.JPG..

I am taking part in Bloomin’ Feet sock swap that is hosted by the wonderful Amanda of clothesknit. We received our matches last week and I already have my yarn in hand and my pattern. Or at least I am pretty sure that I have my yarn in hand. I need to look at two suggestions on the Blue Moon website. I had emailed the wonderful ladies at Blue Moon about their suggestions for a color based on the information that I had on the person I am making socks for and they sent me back two suggestions. I may have to order them if I do not already have these colors in my stash. Purely for research reasons…..

The yarn that I have in my hot little hands right now is from All Things Heather in the Tiger Lilyp1290019.JPG color way. I emailed my favorite supplier of sock yarns and this was her suggestion. Knitting will have to wait until I finish one of the pairs of socks currently on the needles. I need to free up the needles. There is no better incentive for hurrying up to finish something than having another project waiting for those needles. And no, I do not need to buy any more size 0 circulars. I already own at least 12 size 0s in a 24 inch length.

I need to spend tonight and tomorrow finishing off my take home exam that is due on Saturday. There are a total of 15 questions that have to be answered from a total of 58 questions. (One question per section.) The hardest thing is picking the question. Once I start writing the answer, things just flow. But I also have to make sure that I check the word count and run everything through the grammar check. The instructors are looking for at least 150 words per question, correct spelling, and proper grammar. I know of at least 2 people who failed the final on the last test due to grammar and spelling mistakes, even after being given a second shot at the writing assignment. Failing writing assignments has never been a problem for me. I will misspell a few words on handwritten assignments because I am too lazy to pick up the dictionary. This test is typed into a word processor so I am lucky.


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Knitty Surprise Up

Did you notice that the Knitty Winter surprise was up? Go and check it out…..

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