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Late Christmas

I walked down to the post office to have a package weighted and ended up walking home with 2 boxes. One of the boxes was the one I walked down with but the other box was none other than Ms. Kitty Kitty her self. And what was in the box, well, let’s just say that she and I are not known for mailing presents out on time.

The box contained the second half off my Christmas present. And what exactly was in the box? p1310001.JPGWhy yarn of course and something spun and knitted by her little hands just for me!!!!!

First up the yarn. She had ordered both of us yarn from Canada but it took forever to arrive. The yarn that she ordered was from Butternut Woolens and it says it is a homegrown sock yarn. The color is Steelhead. And like she said, we both now have scratchy sock yarn.p1310002.JPG

p1310008.JPGThe second yarn is from the wonderful Yarn Pirate in a color called Plum Gorgeous. But I have not seen anything from Georgia that isn’t gorgeous.

And the last item was a scarf that she had knit herself. But knitting was only part of it, Pris has spun the yarn herself. So that make it extra special.p1310011.JPGp1310009.JPG

And for those of you who are fans of The Loopy Ewe, I have created a Flickr group for Loopy Fans called Loopy Ewe Groupies. It is a place where you can post photos of yarns that you acquire from Sheri and works in progress from yarns that you ordered from her as well. Please feel free to join.


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