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Busy Knitting

I am working on my socks so that I can have a photo or two of some progress to show you tomorrow. But go on over and wish Sheri at The Loopy Ewe a Happy Birthday. She is a very popular dealer/pusher for many of us and deserves many happy wishes.

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Por Moi?

My neice is finally old enough to appreciate hand knit socks and to take care of them herself. But the trick is that her foot is still growing. So I will make her socks to fit my foot since and her mother’s foot this why one of us will be able to wear it. (My SIL’s foot is just a little bigger than mine.) I am making socks for Christmas presents this year. So I went ahead and ordered some Cider Moon Glacier in Titania for her and some Icicle in Winter Wheat with splotches of red which is an accidental color. The Winter Wheat was just because I have nothing like it in my stash color wise.

The yarn came in the mail Saturday. And my niece came by to see me and saw the yarn. She knew that I was ordering sock yarn for her. (She dictated the colors – purples!) And she saw her yarn. She immediately started to fondle it and wanted to know if she could take it home until I was ready to start her socks. (No, she did not get to take it home! I know better because I will never see it again.) But her first words on seeing both yarns was “Por moi?” Yes, she wanted both skeins of yarn. I really need to get her interested in learning to knit again. I think I know the perfect bribe to getting her interested in knitting again – access to my stash. I will have to mention this to her. She is 10 so she is way past the age I was when I learned to knit. I think access to my stash and the opportunity to spend money on books may prove the trick. And the money would be my money not hers.



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Yarn Not Required

Okay, I did play with yarn this weekend but the progress photos will have to wait. I knit Saturday during class. But I had promised MJ that I would be going through my fabric stash this weekend looking for some fabrics for her. And let’s just say the fabric stash is bigger than the yarn stash. Actually it is probably three times the size of the yarn stash. Fabric is much more compact and it will sit and behave it self on the shelf.

But when I was searching for the fabric for MJ, I came across several quilt blocks that just needed to be put together. I even found the fabric for the borders in the piles. I also ran across some fabric squares that I had bought in Hawaii at a swap meet several years ago. I have no clue as to how many squares there are in packet but I had two packets. I am thinking that there may be about 100 squares per packet. So I kind of got side tracked.

I decided to sew the quilt blocks together and try and finish up this quilt top. I had 32 blocks finished and I found the bits and pieces of a few more blocks but I decided that I would stick with what was already done. I have four rows sewn together and hope to have this top finished by the end of the week. And yes if you look real close at the blocks, the patchwork squares in the center are 1/2-inch finished blocks. And no, I am not crazy. I have done everything from huge king-sized quilts to micro mini quilts. So blocks with a 1/2-inch finished square don’t bother me.


This quilt is not going to be one that I keep. I have a few people in mind for receiving it but I will wait until it is finished first. I already have the quilting pattern worked out.

I also managed to finish my kitchen curtains. I have had them put together for quite awhile but they needed the side seams and the top hem done. I kind of made these up as I went along because I liked the fabric. I actually was pretty lucky in that they are almost even. They are less than a 1/4-inch off from each other. Pretty good considering I was winging it!!! Now I need to find fabric for new living curtains. Windows in an old house are never the same. And I have four window in the living room.

And yesterday it snowed again. It was supposed to be a sleet and ice storm instead it was a wet snow storm. But the photos that I took were much more interesting. And the best part of the storm is that everything is melting off today so I didn’t need to shovel the sidewalk!!



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Comment Moderation

I have had to turn on comment moderation today. For some reason, the spam filter used by Word Press keeps catching a comments from some one who I have identified as not being spam. So I turned on the option that requires your first comment to be approved but if you have commented before, it will allow your comments to be published right away.

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Staying Busy

As usual, I am staying busy. But I do want to post some photos of the yarn that I just received in a swap. I am love with Swap-Bot. There have been some really nice swaps over there. I just received a wonderful package from Maggie of Prairieland Herbs. (She has a personal blog but I don’t have the address handy.)

This particular swap was a winter scarf kit. You were supposed to include the yarn, a pattern, a mug, and something hot to drink. Maggie emailed me to see what I thought about different yarns and colors. She hand spun and hand -dyed this yarn for me. It is a luscious red that is hard to capture with the camera. So trust me when I say these photos do not do the yarn justice.


And just for laughs, here is a shot of my lunch. There is a local sub shop two doors down from me and they are famous for their seasoning. This is how much was on my lunch of chicken strips and fries. The spice is Old Bay seasoning. I help out down there in the kitchen occasionally. I will walk down in the evening just to talk to the owners and it is not unusual for me to be put to work in the kitchen.p2230008.JPG

I will be in class all day tomorrow and working on cleaning up more of the studio over the weekend.


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Too True


This is from It is the February editorial by Paul Combs. Too many fire fighters do not buckle on their way to calls or coming home. There is a huge push in the fire service for everyone to come home alive.

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Quilts & Yarn

For some reason, I have this strange addiction to sock yarn. Yesterday when I went to the post office, I had 3 packages waiting for me. One was from a swap and the other two were sock yarn. And I am waiting on 3 more packages that will have sock yarn in them to arrive. I need to knit faster I guess. But today’s post is mostly photos. One is a photo of the aftermath of the big fire from Monday. Take a close look at it and see if you see the irony in the photo. The rest are photos of some of my quilts with the new sock yarn on them. MJ, these photos are for you. I will try and get some better shoots over the week when I have natural daylight. The yarn is either Fleece Artist from my favorite enabler or Zen Garden.



The last photo is my sock for Bloomin’ Feet. Before I go much further I would like to know if anyone likes the way the yarn is pooling? I am kind of like it yet I don’t like it. Opinions wanted!!!!!

And please let me know if you catch the irony in the first photo. I also just wrote a rather snarky email to my local newspaper about double checking their facts. They are trying to clarify something about the big fire and what the different alarms mean and actually made it worse. This is a story that will appear in tomorrow’s paper. I wonder what sort of response I will get back. Edited – I just checked their website and the story has been pulled off the website. I hope that they are re-writing it after making a few phone calls and double checking their facts. I was polite and gave them contact names and phone numbers.


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Major Fire

If you have been watching the news this evening, you may have heard about a major fire in Frederick, Maryland. If you saw any video of it, you may have been able to notice the blue fire truck and the blue engine. If you saw these two pieces, you saw my fire company. I was not on the fire because I was doing something else but there were several photos taken of it. I know for a fact that this story made CNN because we had a few phone calls from some members who are at Disney World right now wanting to know what was going on. One of the guys who was on it will be sending me the photos that he took for our company web site.

But here are some links that are valid at this moment with the story and some photos.

~ Washington Post
~ Frederick News Post (if you watch the video, you can see us)
~ IAFF Local 3666

The photo that I am posting is courtesy of the Washington Post is is a photo that is on their front page right now. The ladder truck that you see in the photo is Quint 11. It is hard to see but I can recognize our ladder from quite a distance. I was driving on the interstate with my mother oon the way back when traffic stopped and I glanced over and saw the bucket. My mother couldn’t beleive that I could recognize it from that far of a distance.


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Scary Thought

How is this for a scary though – my 10 year old niece’s foot is almost the same size as mine!!! I can wear either a 7-1/2 or an 8 shoe and she is wearing a 7-1/2 right now!!! That means she will be trying to take my hand knit socks!!! It is bad enough that my mother keeps wanting all of my socks but now for my niece to try and claim them as well…. At least my SIL’s foot is bigger than mine so she only ends up with the ones that I accidentally make too big. I guess I will have to make her some purple socks for her birthday and another pair for Christmas. I just gave her today a pair of socks that I had made a long time ago when I was learning the toe-up method. I think the yarn was Trekking XXL and I do know that I didn’t like it after I was done but she loves it. So long as she takes care of them, she will get at least one pair this year. (And my SIL may get lucky and finally get a pair of hand knit socks. The last pair I made in Claudia’s is a little bit big on me so I will let her try them on.After all, she has to put up with my brother so I guess she deserves a pair just for that.)

Time to go back to cleaning and working on my secret pair of socks for Bloomin’ Feet/

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Quilting Instead of Knitting

To distract you from any real lack of knitting progress, I am going to show you a quilt that I really need to finish. Sheri asked the other day what other types of crafts we did and one craft that I used to do was quilting. I went and dug out this quilt that I had started a few years ago. For some reason, I had decided to hand quilt this quilt. It probably had something to with the fact that the batting is a wool batting. The backing which you can not see in the photos is flannel. The quilt is over 3/4’s of the way quilted. I am on the outer blocks and have two sides already quilted. I am going to make finishing this quilt a project that I will get done by the end of the year. p2160002.JPG

And now for the reason that there is no knitting progress is that I managed to hurt my shoulder trying to shovel and chip ice Wednesday and Thursday. A few years ago, I partially tore my rotator cuff. My shoulder healed and the only lasting effect of the injury is that it hurts when I knit cotton. But the snow storm that we had over Valentine’s Day was mostly ice and sleet. I finally got my truck unstuck today if that gives a clue. My front sidewalk has probably another 6 to 8 feet to go before being totally cleared. And that is just a path that is wide enough to walk down. It is maybe a foot wide at the widest. Basically in order shovel it, you have to chisel it until you can break it up into chunks. And of course, a few days after the storm, the stuff is like concrete. Of course, on Wednesday, it was like concrete that had started to harden. So right now my shoulder feels like it did for the whole year that it took for it heal after tearing it. I am hoping that I did not do anything stupid and re-injury it. So while I wait for this to heal, certain activities such as long periods of knitting will be on hold. I can only knit for short periods of time. And I am pretty sure that I didn’t tear it but just that the shoulder has been given the type of shock that I am supposed to avoid.

One good thing I can say about the year that I spent waiting for my shoulder to heal was that I was still able to knit. I actually was knitting up until right before I was wheeled into the operating room.

And yes, I am not running fire calls right now. Until my shoulder heals up, I will not be running calls. No, I honestly do not think I have torn again because I am able to sleep on that shoulder which I was not able to do when it was torn. But if it still hurts next week, I will finally go to the doctor about it. (I hate going to the doctor’s after getting injections into various joints.)

I am going to leave you with photos from the storm and a nice gentle reminder. Tomorrow is New Year’s. For those not in the know, tomorrow is the start of the Year of the Pig (Boar.) Yes, Chinese New Year‘s. So remember to eat long noodles and leafy vegetables for luck tomorrow. I know that I will doing so but than I never need an excuse to eat my favorite rice noodles.



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