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Family Tree

familytree.jpgI am a big fan of Barbara Delinsky and I am in totally in love with her new book – Family Tree. I just picked it up yesterday and started it this morning. The best part about the book so far is that the central character, Dana, is a knitter.

In the first chapter, Dana is getting ready to go to the hospital to delivery her daughter. And what is she taking with her? Knitting of course. When her husband says something about how many balls of yarn she is taking with her, her response is perfect. She tells him “Knitting comforts me.” This is followed by a description of a closet where thew were bags of yarn on the above and on the floor below the shelf. And she is defending her stash by saying that is is not as big as some out there. Who hasn’t defended their stash using the same words?

I can’t wait to sit down and really get into this book. I am hoping that the roads will be bad tonight so I can have a valid excuse to not go to class…..


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Snowy Morn


We were only supposed to get a dusting last night according to the DC weather people. But we ended up with about 3 inches of light fluffy snow and the DC area received the dusting. And because I have some one who plows out my driveways and parking lot, all I had to do was shovel the front walk, the walkway in front of the office, and a little bit of clean-up along the edge of the driveway, I was able to get some fun shots of the snow.

But I am posting this last photo just because I threatened the guy who plows with it. I am also going to tell you, like I am telling everyone who knows him, that I saw his dog driving the truck instead of him. (The guy who does the plowing is a high school teacher, my fire company vice president, and my assistant chief. And some one that I have known for a long time.) So Greg, here is a photo of you actually working!!!


And if you are wondering if he minds, let me give you a clue. On the fire company photo website, he took the photo of his own head that is up there…..

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