Snowy Morn


We were only supposed to get a dusting last night according to the DC weather people. But we ended up with about 3 inches of light fluffy snow and the DC area received the dusting. And because I have some one who plows out my driveways and parking lot, all I had to do was shovel the front walk, the walkway in front of the office, and a little bit of clean-up along the edge of the driveway, I was able to get some fun shots of the snow.

But I am posting this last photo just because I threatened the guy who plows with it. I am also going to tell you, like I am telling everyone who knows him, that I saw his dog driving the truck instead of him. (The guy who does the plowing is a high school teacher, my fire company vice president, and my assistant chief. And some one that I have known for a long time.) So Greg, here is a photo of you actually working!!!


And if you are wondering if he minds, let me give you a clue. On the fire company photo website, he took the photo of his own head that is up there…..

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