Weather Forecast

Here is the link to the weather forecast that I am hoping for at the Weather Channel website. I have my fingers crossed that we got lots and lots of snow. I am going to go and make some soup and pop in Pride and Prejudice and knit. The question is which version shall I watch?


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6 responses to “Weather Forecast

  1. Sounds lovely! I vote for the BBC version of P&P. Your pink socks look great — I always love picot edges.

    I sometimes stitch on linen, sometimes on good ol’ Aida. It depends on how complicated the design is, and whether I’m stitching for relaxation or for an artistic challenge. Aida is definitely easier on my poor eyes, which really suffer when I’m reading a lot of Greek, which is most of the time.

  2. I prefer the PBS version, but you need a LOT of time for that one!!!

  3. Sounds perfect! I really like both versions. Really hot Darcys!

  4. Definitely the BBC mini series – Mmmm, Colin Firth as Mr Darcy.

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time.

  5. BBC is my vote as well, how was the soup???? Hope you are getting as much snow as we are right now. Definitely a day to stay in the house by a warm fire and knit.

  6. You win either way! Do you want to immerse yourself into the details, or get the shorter, but still rich, version?

    May the Firth be with you!