Knitting & Weather Changes

Well, the snow didn’t come when the weather forecasters said it would. But the forecast now is much more interesting and it looks like I will not be going to class tomorrow if they are right.


But I did manage to get some knitting done last night. And what I worked on was my newest Project Spectrum sock. This sock is also my sock for The Loopy Ewe challenge for this quarter. It is nice that the two managed to work together. The sock is the baby cable pattern from Sensational Socks in Sweet Georgia‘s Still Water. I am still not sure about this color but it is growing on me. But I have several volunteers who will wear these socks if I decide I do not like them when I am done. So Lexy, is this Project Spectrum-y enough for you?p2130034.JPGp2130036.JPG

Last night, I ended up watching Tremors 3, again. I love the Tremors series. But I also managed to pop in Chariots of Fire since I couldn’t decide which version of Pride and Prejudice to watch. I plan to finish watching Chariots of Fire this afternoon and than I will watch both versions of Pride and Prejudice. I really like Donald Sutherland which is why I like the movie version. And Matthew MacFadyen is nothing to sneeze at. (I can’t wait to see his new movie because it sounds really interesting.) And the costumes in the movie version are prettier. But the BBC version is true to the book. And yes, women really did dress that way.

I also made soup last night. I love visiting Susan V.’s blog over at Fat Free Vegan for her wonderful pictures. She also has wonderful recipes. She posted recently a recipe for Red Kale and White Bean Soup that I feel in love with. So yesterday afternoon, I went out to the grocery store to pick the few items that I did not have in the refrigerator, i.e. kale. Yes, it was nuts to go out to the grocery store the day before a winter storm but I only needed a few items. I would have been fine going to my favorite grocery store but my mother wanted to go to the Super Wal-Mart. And since she offered to drive, I went with her. That place was nuts. And we still had to go to my favorite grocery store since the Super Wal-Mart was out of the produce I wanted.

p2130006.JPGI did make the soup last night with a few modifications. I used some veggie broth instead of all water. And since I had it in the refrigerator and I am not vegan, I add a few pieces of Parmesan rind to the soup as it cooked. This is an old Italian cook’s trick as it adds richness to the soup and to waste as little as possible. I also held back the fresh parsley and basil and will add them in as I eat the soup. I also added an additional can of beans and basically doubled the recipe. It tasted really good last night and it should taste better today. I sent some over to my mother’s and she will freeze up the excess in individual servings. (She has a bigger freezer.)

I am going to go and watch my movies and read and knit. I may work some more on the socks. Plus I really need to start my socks for Bloomin’ Feet since I have everything that I need to start them.


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2 responses to “Knitting & Weather Changes

  1. I wish I were sitting at home with fresh soup and some movies and my knitting ::jealous:: Parmesan rind is a great soup trick! One of the gourmet grocery stores around here sells the rind from their hand shredded parm seperately for pretty cheap, so if you don’t have it sitting around you can still use it, hehe.

    I love your socks and they are VERY project spectrum-y. They remind me of a stormy ocean, one of my very favorite things in the whole world.

  2. Sounds like the ideal restful day.