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Happy Valentine’s Day

First of all, Happy St. Valentine’s Day!!!! There is more to the story of Valentine’s Day than giving and receiving cards and candy. For those of you from the Chicago area, there is the St. Valentine’s Massacre as well.

Now real post today because I have been up on and off since about 5 am courtesy of the sounds of the ice and freezing rain hitting one of my bedroom windows. Yes, I am a light sleeper but the window is also located right next to my head. The wind has been howling and the ice and freezing rain have been hitting the storm window and that is enough to wake me up. I am lucky in that there is a layer of snow over the tin porch roof. I love the sound pf rain hitting the tin roof but the ice would be a bit louder I think. The own plow truck has finally been out to plow the main street in town which is not called main street for some reason. (There is a Main Street but it is not the main street through town.)

Last night looking out the front door down the street, you could tell who is new in old town. They are the ones with their garbage cans and recycling bins out on the curb. Wednesday morning is the day trash and recycling get picked up except when it snows or there is ice. Those of us who have lived here for years no better than to put our trash out. The recycling crews don’t work if there is a bit of snow on the ground most of the time. And if there is ice called for, you know the trash guys will not be picking up. After all, if the roads are unsafe for you to drive on, it is just as unsafe for them. You have got to love old towns. But I think people in town have finally gotten the message about getting their cars off the streets when the snow emergency plan is in effect. It used to be that my town didn’t need an ordinance about removing your car off the street and how long you had to shovel snow off the sidewalk. But a few years ago, people started moving into Old Town and the older developments from Down the Road and problems started to occur. (Down the Road refers mostly to people moving up here from Montgomery County and the DC area but it also means anyone not from here and they do not understand the ways things are done here.) So the town had to create ordinances about removing cars from the street and that you did need to have your sidewalk shovel within 24 hours. After the last mini snow storm, the town crews left warning notices on vehicles left on the streets that the vehicles would be towed next time and where you could park cars if you could not fit them into your driveway. (The location is the town hall parking lot.) People got the message because there are no cars parked on the street like there normally are.)

The weather is bad enough that the career fire fighters were called in early for the next shift. (This means they came in 12 hours early if they are on a 24 hour shift. If they are on day work, which means they work 6 am to 6 pm, they all stayed over at their assigned station.) Every ambulance call is being dispatched with a brush truck assigned to it. Ambulances are not exactly the best vehicles for driving and being in on bad road surfaces. At my fire house, my chief has the low man on the totem pole aka our Lt-2 at the station since he wouldn’t be working yesterday or today plus 2 other fire fighters sitting there waiting on the calls. This way, no one has to respond to calls from home o bad roads. And yes, three people are a crew for the fire engine. But I will be honest, we generally only take out the brush truck in this weather simply because it has the best traction. And our brush truck is really a mini pumper. (I am listening to the fire radio as I write this and one of the city companies just had their brush truck request that they need assistance with either a plow or a tow truck because the ambulance is stuck on one of the side streets. The street where they are stuck is right next to one of my LYS’s and the cold weather shelter is located on that street. And yes, that is where they were headed.)

I do have photos but no means to upload them right now. I did start my sock for Bloomin’ Feet last night and worked on one of my other socks as well. I figured that I might as well write this now while I had power and since I was up. I am actually sitting in bed writing this post and I will hopefully not lose power today. And I definitely am getting the feeling that my class tonight on arson investigation will be canceled since the Safety Officer class today was canceled already ready. I just checked my pager and that class was canceled at 5:30 this morning. If things get better later on today, I am thinking about going back to sleep since I am nice and warm under my quilts right now. And yes, I know that work is called off today although I still have to answer the phone for it since it rings in my apartment. I love caller id so I only answer the calls I want to answer. Although, I could get up and make a cup of tea and knit…..


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