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Quilting Instead of Knitting

To distract you from any real lack of knitting progress, I am going to show you a quilt that I really need to finish. Sheri asked the other day what other types of crafts we did and one craft that I used to do was quilting. I went and dug out this quilt that I had started a few years ago. For some reason, I had decided to hand quilt this quilt. It probably had something to with the fact that the batting is a wool batting. The backing which you can not see in the photos is flannel. The quilt is over 3/4’s of the way quilted. I am on the outer blocks and have two sides already quilted. I am going to make finishing this quilt a project that I will get done by the end of the year. p2160002.JPG

And now for the reason that there is no knitting progress is that I managed to hurt my shoulder trying to shovel and chip ice Wednesday and Thursday. A few years ago, I partially tore my rotator cuff. My shoulder healed and the only lasting effect of the injury is that it hurts when I knit cotton. But the snow storm that we had over Valentine’s Day was mostly ice and sleet. I finally got my truck unstuck today if that gives a clue. My front sidewalk has probably another 6 to 8 feet to go before being totally cleared. And that is just a path that is wide enough to walk down. It is maybe a foot wide at the widest. Basically in order shovel it, you have to chisel it until you can break it up into chunks. And of course, a few days after the storm, the stuff is like concrete. Of course, on Wednesday, it was like concrete that had started to harden. So right now my shoulder feels like it did for the whole year that it took for it heal after tearing it. I am hoping that I did not do anything stupid and re-injury it. So while I wait for this to heal, certain activities such as long periods of knitting will be on hold. I can only knit for short periods of time. And I am pretty sure that I didn’t tear it but just that the shoulder has been given the type of shock that I am supposed to avoid.

One good thing I can say about the year that I spent waiting for my shoulder to heal was that I was still able to knit. I actually was knitting up until right before I was wheeled into the operating room.

And yes, I am not running fire calls right now. Until my shoulder heals up, I will not be running calls. No, I honestly do not think I have torn again because I am able to sleep on that shoulder which I was not able to do when it was torn. But if it still hurts next week, I will finally go to the doctor about it. (I hate going to the doctor’s after getting injections into various joints.)

I am going to leave you with photos from the storm and a nice gentle reminder. Tomorrow is New Year’s. For those not in the know, tomorrow is the start of the Year of the Pig (Boar.) Yes, Chinese New Year‘s. So remember to eat long noodles and leafy vegetables for luck tomorrow. I know that I will doing so but than I never need an excuse to eat my favorite rice noodles.



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