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Scary Thought

How is this for a scary though – my 10 year old niece’s foot is almost the same size as mine!!! I can wear either a 7-1/2 or an 8 shoe and she is wearing a 7-1/2 right now!!! That means she will be trying to take my hand knit socks!!! It is bad enough that my mother keeps wanting all of my socks but now for my niece to try and claim them as well…. At least my SIL’s foot is bigger than mine so she only ends up with the ones that I accidentally make too big. I guess I will have to make her some purple socks for her birthday and another pair for Christmas. I just gave her today a pair of socks that I had made a long time ago when I was learning the toe-up method. I think the yarn was Trekking XXL and I do know that I didn’t like it after I was done but she loves it. So long as she takes care of them, she will get at least one pair this year. (And my SIL may get lucky and finally get a pair of hand knit socks. The last pair I made in Claudia’s is a little bit big on me so I will let her try them on.After all, she has to put up with my brother so I guess she deserves a pair just for that.)

Time to go back to cleaning and working on my secret pair of socks for Bloomin’ Feet/

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