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Major Fire

If you have been watching the news this evening, you may have heard about a major fire in Frederick, Maryland. If you saw any video of it, you may have been able to notice the blue fire truck and the blue engine. If you saw these two pieces, you saw my fire company. I was not on the fire because I was doing something else but there were several photos taken of it. I know for a fact that this story made CNN because we had a few phone calls from some members who are at Disney World right now wanting to know what was going on. One of the guys who was on it will be sending me the photos that he took for our company web site.

But here are some links that are valid at this moment with the story and some photos.

~ Washington Post
~ Frederick News Post (if you watch the video, you can see us)
~ IAFF Local 3666

The photo that I am posting is courtesy of the Washington Post is is a photo that is on their front page right now. The ladder truck that you see in the photo is Quint 11. It is hard to see but I can recognize our ladder from quite a distance. I was driving on the interstate with my mother oon the way back when traffic stopped and I glanced over and saw the bucket. My mother couldn’t beleive that I could recognize it from that far of a distance.


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