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Too True


This is from Firehouse.com. It is the February editorial by Paul Combs. Too many fire fighters do not buckle on their way to calls or coming home. There is a huge push in the fire service for everyone to come home alive.

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Quilts & Yarn

For some reason, I have this strange addiction to sock yarn. Yesterday when I went to the post office, I had 3 packages waiting for me. One was from a swap and the other two were sock yarn. And I am waiting on 3 more packages that will have sock yarn in them to arrive. I need to knit faster I guess. But today’s post is mostly photos. One is a photo of the aftermath of the big fire from Monday. Take a close look at it and see if you see the irony in the photo. The rest are photos of some of my quilts with the new sock yarn on them. MJ, these photos are for you. I will try and get some better shoots over the week when I have natural daylight. The yarn is either Fleece Artist from my favorite enabler or Zen Garden.



The last photo is my sock for Bloomin’ Feet. Before I go much further I would like to know if anyone likes the way the yarn is pooling? I am kind of like it yet I don’t like it. Opinions wanted!!!!!

And please let me know if you catch the irony in the first photo. I also just wrote a rather snarky email to my local newspaper about double checking their facts. They are trying to clarify something about the big fire and what the different alarms mean and actually made it worse. This is a story that will appear in tomorrow’s paper. I wonder what sort of response I will get back. Edited – I just checked their website and the story has been pulled off the website. I hope that they are re-writing it after making a few phone calls and double checking their facts. I was polite and gave them contact names and phone numbers.


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