Daily Archives: February 23, 2007

Staying Busy

As usual, I am staying busy. But I do want to post some photos of the yarn that I just received in a swap. I am love with Swap-Bot. There have been some really nice swaps over there. I just received a wonderful package from Maggie of Prairieland Herbs. (She has a personal blog but I don’t have the address handy.)

This particular swap was a winter scarf kit. You were supposed to include the yarn, a pattern, a mug, and something hot to drink. Maggie emailed me to see what I thought about different yarns and colors. She hand spun and hand -dyed this yarn for me. It is a luscious red that is hard to capture with the camera. So trust me when I say these photos do not do the yarn justice.


And just for laughs, here is a shot of my lunch. There is a local sub shop two doors down from me and they are famous for their seasoning. This is how much was on my lunch of chicken strips and fries. The spice is Old Bay seasoning. I help out down there in the kitchen occasionally. I will walk down in the evening just to talk to the owners and it is not unusual for me to be put to work in the kitchen.p2230008.JPG

I will be in class all day tomorrow and working on cleaning up more of the studio over the weekend.


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