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Yarn Not Required

Okay, I did play with yarn this weekend but the progress photos will have to wait. I knit Saturday during class. But I had promised MJ that I would be going through my fabric stash this weekend looking for some fabrics for her. And let’s just say the fabric stash is bigger than the yarn stash. Actually it is probably three times the size of the yarn stash. Fabric is much more compact and it will sit and behave it self on the shelf.

But when I was searching for the fabric for MJ, I came across several quilt blocks that just needed to be put together. I even found the fabric for the borders in the piles. I also ran across some fabric squares that I had bought in Hawaii at a swap meet several years ago. I have no clue as to how many squares there are in packet but I had two packets. I am thinking that there may be about 100 squares per packet. So I kind of got side tracked.

I decided to sew the quilt blocks together and try and finish up this quilt top. I had 32 blocks finished and I found the bits and pieces of a few more blocks but I decided that I would stick with what was already done. I have four rows sewn together and hope to have this top finished by the end of the week. And yes if you look real close at the blocks, the patchwork squares in the center are 1/2-inch finished blocks. And no, I am not crazy. I have done everything from huge king-sized quilts to micro mini quilts. So blocks with a 1/2-inch finished square don’t bother me.


This quilt is not going to be one that I keep. I have a few people in mind for receiving it but I will wait until it is finished first. I already have the quilting pattern worked out.

I also managed to finish my kitchen curtains. I have had them put together for quite awhile but they needed the side seams and the top hem done. I kind of made these up as I went along because I liked the fabric. I actually was pretty lucky in that they are almost even. They are less than a 1/4-inch off from each other. Pretty good considering I was winging it!!! Now I need to find fabric for new living curtains. Windows in an old house are never the same. And I have four window in the living room.

And yesterday it snowed again. It was supposed to be a sleet and ice storm instead it was a wet snow storm. But the photos that I took were much more interesting. And the best part of the storm is that everything is melting off today so I didn’t need to shovel the sidewalk!!



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